Happy Spaces

Hi all, the sun is out and it teases me of spring but the chill is still in the air, I can’t believe it snowed yesterday.  It’s time to change the ho-hum of the family room and start to look forward to spring. I’ve had enough of these cold dreary days! For a great new look see the photo below.




I’ve spent most of the fall and winter in my sittingroom (see photo below), its my favorite place to hangout, and enjoy my family and friends.  But every now and again I have to mix things up in there. Have you ever thought that just having a cozy chair would be a perfect addition around the fireplace? By adding two new chairs and swapping out art work and adding a few new pillows I gave my sitting room a new feel & look.





I love the pop of orange you see here in the pillows and tray, they work so nicely with the gray pillows and area rug. It feels uplifting for the spring.

After this long winter it’s common to grow tired of your old furnishings especially if they are looking worn out. Spring is the perfect time to redecorate don’t you think?

I know getting a new sofa and chairs to hang out in could make the difference in a room to create a warm and cozy environment, and painting the walls can change the entire feel of a space energizing it and making it feel light and airy. These slipper chairs done in animal print add just the right amount of zing to the space.


If you need help energizing your home for Spring reach out to me, I would love to help you pick out a sofa and chairs or paint colors for your room, so you can make your home feel fresh for spring. You can always find me at debra@lipsetdesigns.com.



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