Accessorize For The Seasons


Who says having the same curtains, pillows, lampshades, comforter and other accessories has to be the same all year round? Not me!

Its amazing how the rooms in your home can warm your heart and open you up to a whole new energy. The old saying, “Home is where the heart is! Its true!

Its kind of like changing your wardrobe for every season. Its exciting to put on your spring shorts and sandals, or new sun dress after a long winter and enjoy the warmth of your surroundings.

The same holds true with your home. Just like clothes seasonal colors can change the mood in your room.

Adding even the smallest details in your bathroom like the acrylic pink upholstered chair and the vases filled with pink flowers (below) add color and energy to the space

Change out a few pillows, an ottoman, add a new coat of paint on your walls, a new throw blanket on the arm of the sofa in a bright new shade along with new lamps or other accessories like a large tray or vase and rotating artwork on your walls will definitely bring a smile to your face and can even make your home feel brand new! Let me know if you agree and if you are planning on getting rid of the winter dull drums by accessorizing for spring. Remember if you need help I am always here for you… Debra Lipset Designs can take the guesswork out of it for you, so all you have to do is enjoy your home. I cant wait to share more design ideas next week.

Let me know how you plan to spruce up for spring.


Large Poof Pillow by Aletafae

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